We are pleased to send you this update about the scientific discoveries our faculty, staff, and students have made at the Baker Institute for Animal Health in the past year. This year also brings a change in leadership for the Institute as Dr. Colin Parrish, Director since 2010, steps down and Dr. Luis M. Schang assumes the role. We hope you will be as excited as we are by the Institute’s accomplishments, and that you also are looking forward to a better future for the animals who bring so much joy and richness to our lives.

New discoveries are the goal of every scientist, but like you, we are all animal lovers at the Institute, so it is important to us that our research helps create a better future for domestic and wild animals. Dr. Elia Tait Wojno, for instance, is closely studying the canine immune system, research that will answer basic questions about how immunity and allergies develop in dogs and to provide new insights that will spur vaccine and drug development. In his laboratory, Dr. Alex Travis is seeking the answers to fundamental questions about fertility. His work with in vitro fertilization in dogs is aimed at helping wild dog and wolf species survive and helping to correct inherited diseases in dogs and humans alike.

This work of discovery will continue with Dr. Schang as Director. As he settles into this new role, Dr. Schang will seek to connect with Institute faculty, staff, and trainees, with the entire College of Veterinary Medicine, and with the Institute’s new and long term supporters. Together with all these stakeholders, he will develop a vision for the future that builds on the long tradition of the Institute making discoveries and translating them into real benefits for animal health. He also wants to connect with donors and supporters like you, and welcomes any questions or suggestions you may have for him about the future of the Institute, or about his background, his research, or his vision.

As always, the partnership we have with you, our supporters, is the key to our success and a driving force in our programs. With your support, we see a hopeful future for treating cancer, infectious disease, genetic abnormalities, and other causes of illness and early death in animals. We’re looking forward to the better future we can achieve together.

Thank you for your continued contributions to this unique collaboration.



Colin R. Parrish
Director Emeritus


Luis M. Schang
Learn more about our new Director, Luis M. Schang